Looking forward steadiness of lofty mountain and cleansing people’s spirit as flowing wash are philosophy pursued by Hidizs. Hidizs inherits excelsior attitude in each procedure of R&D and production, each material, each part and each detail for each product are carefully selected and repeatedly studied and refined for long period. Hidizs’s ambitious to create the highest quality atmosphere of music appreciation for the good of the users, so as to purify and cleanse their spirit with high quality and Hi-Fi sound. Hidizs, like lofty mountain, provide the users with classic products in the spirit of steadiness and practicality. Hidizs, like flowing water, touches people’s inner heart with quality and pure music. This is the core value system engraved in the soul of Hidizs.


Hidizs was founded early in 2009, when pocket HiFi was just emerged. At that time, some pocket HiFi audio devices were sold in the market, however, the users were not fully satisfactory to the price and performance of these pocket HiFi players. In order to produce some better pocket HiFi audio playing devices, some technicians engaged in HiFi audio R&D and senior HiFi fans gathered for the same purpose of joint creation of new Hidizs brand.
In early 2010, Hidizs case team was set up to start research of global HiFi audio device and user market; in Oct 2012, Kaitai Technology started to introduce many talents of related specialties from home, abroad and officially set up Hidizs R&D team. In Jan 2014, Hidizs’ first pocket HiFi audio player AP100 was officially launch at CES, Les Vegas.
Today, Hidizs R&D team assembles a great number of professional technical elites and design talents. Hidizs is not only capable of providing the users with melodious and great music enjoyment, but also with product appearance worthy of appreciation. Rigorous and standard production & manufacturing processes lead to Hidizs’ each product in perfect and flawless quality


Hidizs is a well-known brand of professional audio device. It possesses first-class professional R&D team in the world, and it devotes to design, development and manufacture of HiFi audio devices all the way. To help the users realizing their pursuance of high quality music, Hidizs produces series of HiFi audio playing devices such as pocket HiFi palyer AP100, HiFi earplug player ES-10 and etc. Hidizs’s humanistic design has created the operation of its products in more convenient, and the users therefore can feel the HiFi music in a simple and fast way.


Kaitai Technology possesses first-class factory and production line in its industry. It has a land area of 66000㎡, where first-class precision production facilities in the worlds are introduced, and many domestic high-tech talents are assembled. Today, Kaitai Technology is passed certification of quality management system and holds multiple patens of technical invention.
Hidizs is one of the leading brands of Kaitai Technology, which, in pursue of providing the users with HiFi audio device of better performance. Each material for each product is carefully selected by us, even each capacitor and each resistor are symbolized out great effort of devotion, for no other than the highest quality material and part are incorporated in Hidizs products. Relying upon strong advantages of Kaitai Technology in production and technology, Hidizs ensures each detail in the most refined quality.


Let the users enjoy a high degree of reduction of music; it is our mission to bring you every love music people into the "hall", of each user reduction, reduction of each one of the most real in details. Hidizs strives for perfection, pursue is perfect, will never allow any defects of the products. Hidizs won't stop, go all out, to make better HiFi audio equipment, to become the world’s top well-known brand of HiFi


To help the users realizing their pursuance of high quality music, Hidizs is dedicated to recover live music, so that music fans can enjoy HiFi music in deep heart, and lingering after-sound will resound and cleanse their spirit to get rid of all noisiness.


Hidizs only provides the users with experience of pure, HiFi and stereo music. For high recovery of music, Hidizs makes painstaking efforts to each product. The transcendent and outstanding music experience of Hidizs is as radiating bright moonlight, quietly and tranquilly occupying the heart, guides your pulse dancing with music rhythm.


Hidizs not only pursues quality, perfection and transcendence, but also realism, steadiness and pragmatism. Each product of Hidizs symbolizes it pursuance of superior music experience as well as refined and exquisite the appearance.
Hidizs pursue the quality, perfection and transcendence. Each product, pursuit in the ultimate music experience. The appearance of Hidizs’s artwork have extraordinary feel of the ordinary but elegance.