Hidizs' Newest Handcrafted NF-3U High-End IEMs
06.20.2018 | hidizs | News

Hidizs has been designing high-quality music player for years now and our mission has always been to provide high-end audio experience to all the HiFi fans. In order to provide an even more comprehensive audio experience, we are here to introduce to you the Hidizs x NF Audio NF-3U earphones: A Premium Pair of Handcrafted IEMs.


What’s so special about the NF-3U?

The NF-3U incorporates the German imported medical grade light curing resin with the red mahogany emblazoned to truly make the headset one of a kind.

As for the interior, the NF-3U features 3 drivers balanced Knowles armature together with a high-grade copper-zinc alloy instrument tubing to provide the highest sound clarity and delivery.

The detachable cable is made of 8 core 6N single crystal copper and silver plated mixed wire. With the beryllium copper 0.78 mm double pins and the 3.5mm plug, each element is designed to give the headphones a clearer and more dynamic sound.