Hidizs AP80 Pro Review

Just received the Hidizs AP80 Pro courtesy of Hidizs, and I'm digging the Ferrari Red paintjob. The overall footprint is much smaller than I expected, around half the size of a Sony NW-A55.
Output power is pretty good even from the single-ended out. Haven't tried the balanced out yet, will do before the full review.
Had a short listening session with the Final Sonorous III. Slightly mid-bass boosted, nice punch, and the bass boost is contrasted by some added brilliance in the lower-treble region. Overall a punchy, slightly colored sound. I am using the short-delay slow roll-off filter for now (the filters do alter the sound slightly).
As for the rest, touch response was decent. The Hiby OS has matured well and has a lot of features now, esp the DSP features are fun to tinker with. I do hope library scanning was faster but I guess that's dependent on the CPU. Display is decent, good viewing angles but contrast and sharpness could be better.
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