AP80 Pro-X

The Hidizs AP80 Pro-X is the 3rd of the company’s AP80 DAP series. The AP80 Pro-X uses a new dual ES9219C DAC chip solution for the analog-to-digital conversation. This is an upgrade from the previous model Hidizs AP80 PRO with dual ES9218P DAC chips (the first model AP80 had a single ES9218P). But the new model sadly ditched the FM Radio function which the previous models AP80 and AP80 Pro have. The e-book reader and the step counter functions remained.

The main improvement of the new dual ES9219C DAC chip compared to the AP80 PRO’s dual ES9218P is its dynamic range and ultra-low distortion. The dual ES9219C DAC chip supports up to 2.0Vrms output with analog gain control, reducing noise and making audio sound cleaner on audible levels. This new high-performance DAC chip decodes up to 32BIT/384kHz and has improved the channel separation by 30%.


AP80 Pro-X kept the same built-in FPGA chip HBC3000, enabling native decoding support up to DSD64/128/256. MQA decoding is still supported up to 8x, compared to the old 4x unfolding.

Portable music player

AP80 Pro-X retains the balanced and unbalanced PO which are 2.5mm and 3.5mm respectively and can be found on the bottom panel of the player. A Type-C USB port can also be found on the same bottom panel, which doubles as a USB input and output.

With 61.2mm x 54.5mm x 13.8mm dimensions the AP80 Pro-X is not a mini but a tiny digital music player.

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