Hidizs DH80 / DH80S Latest Portable USB DAC/AMP Released

Just after the Chinese Lunar New Year, Hidizs has brought us two new latest products, actually, two new latest portable USB DAC/AMP’s called the Hidizs DH80 and the DH80S. Equipped with the latest generation ES9281C DAC chip from Sabre Technologies along with other premium components such as Panasonic capacitors, Dual Crystal Oscillators, and many more, the DH80/DH80S offers high-resolution audio signal decoding with full 8X MQA decoding.

Both the devices are designed to work with Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC devices, so what are you waiting for take your high-quality audio experience to a whole new level with the DH80/DH80S. The Hidizs DH80/DH80S starts at 129$ and is available on pre-order from Hifigo store here. Shipments will begin from mid-march.

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