S8 Review - Audio Science Review
01.11.2020 | amirm | S8 Reviews

This is a review and detailed measurements of the HIDIZS S8 USB-C DAC and Headphone Amplifier. It was kindly sent to me by the company. It is a new product and I don't see it broadly advertised. I only found one site selling it for US $129. So quite high for a dongle.

The box is much larger than the unit itself which weighs next to nothing:


Three different adapter cables are provided to mate it to USB-C, Apple Lightning and straight-through so should work with any phone.

The up down buttons work well.

I tested the S8 on Windows 10 which recognized it properly (you have to plug-in the headphone first). Alas, the ASIO4ALL interface I use to test audio products with my analyzer truncated 24 bit samples to 16 bit as it sometimes does. For this reason, I had to run a number of tests manually and a few I had to leave out. But I think you will get a good picture of its performance as is.

FYI, the company contacted me after I reviewed one of their products that I did not give high marks to. Instead of complaining, they politely asked if I would review a new product and I said sure. Here we are.


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