Mermaid MS4
Mermaid MS4 Mermaid MS4 Mermaid MS4 Mermaid MS4 Mermaid MS4
Hidizs MS4 Epic Hybrid Quad Drivers HiFi Headphones

Epic Hybrid Quad Drivers HiFi IEMs

The Hybrid Triple BA & Single Dynamic Drivers HiFi In-Ear Monitor + The Versatile Portable HiFi System. A pair of high-end Earphones That cater for all usage scenarios.

Triple Balanced Armature Drivers

Featuring Knowles 33518 high-frequency driver unit, and Knowles hybrid 30017 dual balanced armature drivers are engineered for the precise, flawlessly reproduces the mid to high-frequency sound.

10.2mm Hidizs Patented Dynamic Diaphragm

Brand new Hidizs patented 10.2mm Macromolecule diaphragm offers more consistent internal loss across all frequencies to deliver subtle highs and smoother bass.

Gold-Plated Interface

Gold-plated interface with two PINs 0.78mm plugs, it realizes easy attachment with nearly all jacks, strong and durable.