Hidizs AP80Pro — the ultimate upgrade

ZMarketChangers  |  August 27, 2020

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For the last few years I’ve been observing how Hidizs has developed from a small domestic single-product company to the international and respected portable HiFi gear brand. My experience covers each single piece of their audio technology: AP100, AP200, AP60, AP60Pro, AP80 DAPs, all IEMs, cable DAC converters, stand alone DAC, etc. Can’t state that all of those had flawless performance but none has fallen short of expectations in terms of audio quality. Still love my old AP100 and still use AP80 as the most convenient one. Furthermore, Hidizs was the first to utilize HiBy OS with its excellent HiBy link option which has become a golden standard for various current DAPs from other brands.

Today I woud like to review their latest incarnation of very popular AP80 DAP — AP80Pro. There were couple of revisions of AP80 in the past, mostly dedicated to physical user experience, but AP80Pro is a huge leap of completely different nature — Pro version brings balanced circuit with the additional 2.5mm audio output and more power to drive higher loads…

Going through new specs it is clear that the main change between AP80 and its successor is in the balanced output section. What pleases me the most is that rated power with the new output has grown up to 190mW per channel. It is enough to drive high impedance / low sensitivity head gear which was my only concern about the initial release of AP80 in comparison to more powerful DAPs.

It also happens so that I currently have both versions of this player and would be able to compare their musical and functional performance with similar IEMs.

Packaging and design:
No much changes here. Very similar cute matt black box with silver logo and specification imprints. Some minor changes to the previous version in size (it got a bit smaller) and shape but the insides are similarly well protected and neatly packed.

First goes soft podium that holds AP80Pro, the rest of accessories in their boxes rest underneath. Here you would find:

AP80Pro DAP with front and back screen guards preapplied
Silicon case
USB type-C -> USB A cable
USB type-C -> microUSB cable
2 additional front and back screen guarding film
couple of leaflets
short user manual

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