Hidizs MS1 Rainbow IEM Review

Gökhan AYDIN  |  April 7, 2020

Hidizs Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2009 and offers a wide variety of portable audiophile equipments such like Digital Audio Players (DAP), Digital to Analogue Converters (DAC), DAC/AMP Dongles and In-Ear Monitors. The MS1 Rainbow that I will now review for you is a member of the MS Series In-Ear Monitors and the updated version of the original MS1.

The Hidizs MS1 Rainbow is an In-Ear Monitor which has a skin friendly Resin Shell that features a 10.2mm diameter polymer bio-diaphragm dynamic driver. It comes with detachable cable that is made of 4-core high purity OFC wire and features 2-Pin connectors and a microphone with in-line control function.

I would like to thank Hidizs for providing me the MS1 Rainbow IEM as review sample. I am not affiliated with Hidizs beyond this review and these words reflect my true, unaltered, opinions about the product.

The Hidizs MS1 Rainbow is available in 7 different color options and can be purchased under the link below;
Purchase Link: https://www.hidizs.net/products/ms1-rainbow

Package and Accessories:
The Hidizs MS1 Rainbow came in a rectangular white cardboard box that sports the Hidizs Logo, the product illustration and some brandings on the top cover, while the rear cover shows information’s about the product features.

The box of the Hidizs MS1 Rainbow has the following contents;

1 x pair of Hidizs MS1 Rainbow In-Ear Monitor
1 x pieces of 4 Core Silver Plated Copper Cable with 2-Pin Connectors
6 x pairs of silicone ear tips
1 x piece of carry pouch
1 x piece of user manual/e-gift card

Design, Build Quality and Fit:
The Hidizs MS1 Rainbow IEM has a skin friendly monitor shell that is made of resin from the German company Markrolon. The MS1 Rainbow is available in 7 different color options which are Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Red and Red transparent.

The definition Rainbow is for the variation of color options and the small glitters particles that are visible on the surface of the MS1.
On the top of the monitor “the faceplate” is the Hidizs brand logo which is printed to the outer surface.
The rear part features the sound nozzle, the 2-Pin female connector and the left right indicators.
The sound nozzle or sound tube is made of high-density aluminum material according to the Hidizs. On the top of the sound tube is a mesh that should avoid the insertion of strange particles like dust, ear wax, etc.
Near the sound nozzle/tube is a small bass vent.
On the top of the rear part is the 0.78mm diameter 2-Pin female connector which has a small elevation.

The Cable:
The Hidizs MS1 Rainbow came with a 4 Core Silver Coated OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) wire cable, which has a solid brownish TPU insulation.
The 0.78mm diameter 2Pin male connectors fit tight and save to the female connectors of the monitor shell.
The connector housing is made of transparent plastic and each side has a left & right indicators. The indicators are not very visible which is my only complain about the cable.
Near the connectors is a transparent ear guide that will offer higher comfort on the go.
The Y-splitter is made of metal and has a gunmetal color with a textured surface. The y-splitter has also a plastic strain relief in black color for additional protection.
The 3.5mm TRS headphone jack has a strait profiled metal housing which has the same color and texture like the y-splitter. This headphone housing sports also a Hidizs branding and a plastic strain relief for extra protection.
The right side of the cable features a microphone with in-line control that has multifunctional buttons for actions like play/pause, volume up/down, etc. The buttons are made of black plastic while the main body is of metal in gunmetal color.
The overall appearance of the cable is very good and gives you a solid feel.

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