Hidizs MS1 Earphone Review

IryxBRO  |  February 4, 2019

Pros: good, exposed mids, good resolution, great treble extension, excellent fit
Cons: a bit more deep bass needed wtih some DAPs but good with USB DAC cable

Hidizs is currently preparing two new models of in-ear monitors under a common name and some features shared between the two. Main code name is «Mermaid» with the additional labels «MS4» and «MS1». Mermaid MS4 is more advanced hybrid model based on three BA drivers by Knowles and one dynamic driver while MS1 features the same single dynamic driver unit.

Along with good technical specifications Hidizs has found the way to make their IEMs a versatile choice for all future customers: from a casual user to the most advanced audiophiles. The main feature of Hidizs Mermaid family is the amount of different connectivity options to choose from, allowing almost any audio source and exempting from the additional adaptors.

Both models would be officially launched on Kickstarter, 7th Feb, 8:00AM EST.

We’ve already got a chance to examine pre-sales samples of both models and would like to share our opinion in this review.

Other features:
Hidizs patented 10.4mm macromolecule diaphragm offers more consistent internal loss across all frequencies to deliver subtle highs and smoother bass
Durable aluminum alloy cavity enhances the sound cohesion. The housing made of smooth resin with brushed metal.
Connectivity options:
stock OFC, 4 strands cable with 2pin, 0.78mm IEM connectors and 3.5mm audio jack (always included)
2.5mm or 4.4mm balanced audio jack, OFC, 4 strands cable with 2pin, 0.78mm IEM connectors (optional accessory, available during KS campaign and afterwards) We are also checking with Hidizs on how to select 4.4mm instead 2.5mm during KS campaign.
DH 10-RC microUSB Type-C Cable with integrated DAC, built-in microphone for voice calls and 2pin, 0.78mm IEM connectors (optional accessory)
Bluetooth 5.0 cable with 2pin, 0.78mm IEM connectors (optional accessory)
As seen from the KS page, Hidizs decided to allow three ordering bundles for MS4 and MS1:
BASIC KIT: 3.5mm unbalanced audio cable
PRIME KIT: 3.5mm unbalanced audio cable + ANY other option (2.5mm or 4.4mm balanced / DAC cable / Bluetooth cable)
ABSOLUTE KIT: 3.5mm unbalanced audio cable + ALL options (2.5mm or 4.4mm balanced + DAC cable + Bluetooth cable)
Prices for different sets are already listed on Hidizs MS4 & MS1 KS page.

Packaging, design and materials:

Both models come in pretty large black matt boxes with brand logo, shematic pictures and model names embossed at the top cover and technical description at the back.

Fit comfort:

Despite having quite large dimensions and thick profile, Mermaid IEMs feel very comfortable. We would place those among several other most comfortable models like Kinera Idun or Shozy & NEO CP to wear for long, non-disturbing listening sessions. This is not only about the natural shape but also about convenient stock cable earguides that relieve the physical tension from your ears.

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