"Our own findings show that more advanced Mermaid MS4 model is worthy of the highest scores and reasonably placed between $180 — 270 hybrid rivals that we have tested already"

" For the money, both earphones pack a punch. And the MS4 competes well against pricier earphones, both at its Kickstarter discount and its full price. I'm impressed." 

"The sound signature represented here is one of a slightly warm presentation with good separation and clarity. Detail is present in good numbers, and on par with offerings at this level. I would say at or near the top of this price range."

"采用了一顆10.2mm 的全新HIDIZS專利的全頻動圈,一顆Knowles 33518高頻動鐵,一顆Knowles 30017的覆合單元中頻及中高頻組合而成。配合了鋁合金CNC的一體成型的外殼,很有大氣的質感,配0.78mm可換線2針座.“