Animagus  |  August 28, 2019

A Beautiful Hybrid with A Twist!

PROS: Build Quality of the whole package, interesting fun sound signature, good selection of accessories, beautiful and ergonomic leather case, rich ownership experience.

CONS: Even though it fits me perfectly, shells might feel big for small ears, bass is good but a bit more speed and refinement could’ve made it perfect, slightly lacking lower mids clarity.

I would like to thank Hidizs for sending me the MS4 to test and review. I am not affiliated with the company or any of its sellers and write this review with an unbiased opinion regardless of how the review turns out.

Genre preferences.
I majorly listen to rock, acoustic, pop and metal and occasionally listen to EDM songs which are doing the rounds on the radio and charts.

Manufacturer website: Hidizs. Available for sale on Amazon.

Unboxing Experience.
I generally don’t put too much stress on this aspect of the experience, but I think Hidizs deserves a pat on their back for this. The box looks classy, very classic in its design. As soon as you open it, the IEMs welcome you, beautifully placed on top. As you dig in into the second layer, you are welcomed by another attractive sight with the eartips placed systematically in their own slots on the top and a beautiful leather case at the bottom. The carry case again needs special mention as it is one of the best looking and quality leather cases I have received with an IEM, unheard of in this price range.

Build Quality.
In short, the build quality of the whole package and everything included in the package is excellent. I can’t point out a single thing that is bad here.

MS4 – The shells are made up of high density grade CNC Aluminum alloy, with every curve smoothly finished. The shells are matte finish whereas the faceplates have a glass top which adds on to give the overall shell a classier look. The faceplates have a golden frame outline and spot the name Hidizs and the company logo in silver. The seam between the gold outline of the faceplate and the bottom shell is finished very well too.

Cable – The cable matches the shell’s design language very well. It is metallic dark brown in color and is covered in a plastic sheath. The 3.5mm jack and the 2-pin connectors look good too and I personally have no complaints.

Leather Case – One word, WOW! You can see the case below with your own eyes and gauge its beauty and quality. It’s extremely well made by using good raw materials and stitching. It has a magnetic closing mechanism which is strong and keeps the IEM in place. It also has a small net inside to keep your extra tips or cleaning brush.

Fit and Comfort.
With the wide-bore ear tips it comes stock with, it fits me snugly. Though the shells are a bit big and can be troublesome for people with small ears. As for comfort, they aren’t as heavy as they look and remain comfortable for long periods, taken they fit you well.

Sound Analysis.
MS4 has an interesting tuning. I remember reading someone calling it atypical, which is quite true. The lower half of the spectrum is warm and the upper mids and treble are clear and sparkly. This makes for an interesting listen and is the USP of MS4.

Bass duties are handled by a 10.2mm dynamic driver. Sub-bass is well present and goes low and deep. It has good rumble, is warm and impactful though the attack and decay isn’t the quickest. The mid-bass isn’t as dominant as sub-bass so some gnarly overdriven tones aren’t as upfront. Clean bass playing in songs like John Mayer’s Gravity and Belief is commanding and prominent. Bass notes are identifiable but aren’t as sharp. Overdriven bass tones in bands like I Am Giant, Karnivool and Muse are again dominated by lower bass more than mid bass.

MS4’s mids sound natural and tonality is quite good too. Lower mids are warm but upper mids have better clarity. Kicks have good impact and snares have good body and depth. Vocals sound warm and never nasally or sibilant. Acoustic guitars in songs like John Mayer’s ‘Stop this train’ and ‘Who says’ sound nice and warm, have good body, string clarity and separation too. Hard Rock and Metal guitar tones of bands like Alter Bridge, Porcupine Tree, Periphery and Lamb of God, all sound clear and have good note definition. Heavily layered songs don’t get mushy or clustered; separation in mids is very good for the price and for it being a relatively warm sound IEM.

Treble is where the MS4 takes a complete U-turn from being a warm sounding set. The treble is crisp, clean and clear. Cymbals are well heard and distinguishable though never splashy or piercing. The clarity in treble adds sparkle to falsettos and acoustic guitars. Drums shells have good stick attack and definition. All this makes MS4 interesting way more than the average warm tuning some sets have.

Soundstage, Imaging and Separation.
Soundstage is on the average side. Imaging in on point though bass does take up a bit more space. Separation is particularly good for the price and it being a relatively warmer sounding set down low.


MS4 vs Tansio Mirai TSMR-3 Pro
MS4 has more bass presence than 3Pro, though 3Pro’s bass is more on the neutral side with faster speed and decay. 3Pro’s lower mids are cleaner as compared to MS4. Both IEMs upper mids and treble have good tonality and character. 3Pro is a more analytical and cleaner sounding IEM.

MS4 vs Shozy BG
Shozy has a thinner character overall. MS4 has more bass presence but BG’s bass is more controlled and balanced. BG’s mids are thinner whereas MS4 mids sound fuller. BG’s treble is again on the thinner side whereas MS4 sound richer.

MS4 vs LZ A6
LZ A6 is a triple hybrid whereas MS4 is a dual hybrid. LZ A6 sound signature is energetically tuned with treble taking the lead. In comparison MS4 sounds better balanced with more bass presence, fuller mids and easier treble.

MS4 as a whole package is very good. Everything inside the box is very well designed and has great build quality. Even though MS4’s sound signature is a bit uncommon, it still makes for an interesting and fun listen. In my opinion, the bass is not as fast and is a bit more prominent than I like plus the lower mids could’ve done with a bit more clarity but MS4 still handles most of it with ease and has separation that is great for its price. The sound signature will surely keep enthusiasts happy, who want their music to be fun and enjoyable. Bass heads who like prominent bass yet want good clarity and separation will surely dig this set.

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