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Hidizs AP80 PRO-X
Portable Balanced Lossless MQA Music Player
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Hidizs S3 Pro
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Hidzs S9 Pro
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Hidizs MD4
4 Balanced Armature Drivers HiFi In-ear Monitors
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  • Hifigo

    January 21, 2022

    The Hidizs AP80 Pro X takes all the features from the highly popular AP80 and makes it even better. It has both single-ended and balanced outputs and 8x MQA decoding. The build quality and design also took a huge leap from its predecessors. It offers a lot for a dap this compact, right?
  • ado_mercer

    January 17, 2022

    It's finally here (first of two Hidizs products)! Hidizs S9 Pro DAC/AMP in black! This little thing is incredibly powerful and versatile. Now onto testing, listening, and enjoying its capabilities! ❤️
  • hiendportable

    July 10, 2021

    The new Hidizs S3 Pro is one of the smallest and lightest devices, which supports MQA X8. It is also very powerful, has low power consumption and is future-proof, as it is highly compatible with a multitude of systems. Its price is reasonable and its dimensions, as usual with Hidizs, are very good. In addition, its sound is remarkable and can be changed to taste, as, depending on the firmware installed, the profile can vary between 3 modes. It is extremely difficult to find all these virtues in a device like this and at this price, that is why it's quality/price ratio is great. Can anyone give more?
  • Jay Salido

    This planar IEM from Tin Hifi is absolutely stunning, so so much details and almost every track I listened to reveal instruments that I never hear before. Player costed $130, IEM $188 from lo
  • headphones_and_coffee

    March 6, 2022

    Hidizs AP80 Pro X it's a delicious blend of style and features.
  • agus_surachmanto

    keracunan audiophile onok sing ngompori coba gawe HIDIZS AP80PRO ditambah earphone Hidizs MS1 rainbow.. emboh wis..opo jare..
  • __knd23

    待ちに待ったイヤホンがやっと届いた☺️ これからこいつで曲聴きまくる🎶 #hidizs #hidizsms4
  • ryansoonami

    If you're building a portable audio setup in 2021, chances are you're living the dongle life. Hidizs has produced an absolute powerhouse here; one with a black background, low OI, and slender shell. A really solid option at a reasonable price. . Full review coming soon!
  • headphones_and_coffee

    February 8, 2022

    Hidizs AP80 Pro X and BLON BL07 #audiogear #audiophile #audioenthusiast
  • snellemin

    Lunch Jam session. #musicismylife #musicislife #music #lunch #lunchjamsession #hidizs_s9_pro #hidizss9pro #hidizs #tripowin #mele #tripowinmele #ddhifi #work #workstation #zbook17g6 #colliebuddz #foobar2000 #Reggea #reggaemusic
  • jthomas1231

    Demo of the @hidizs MS2 iem’s. Perfect weather for some doom n’ gloom Sunday listening. Cheers! #hifi #portablehifi #instahifi #hiresaudio #iem #hidizs #hidizsms2 #fiio #fiiom11plusltd
  • ryansoonami

    Hidizs MS4 has a grand, open sound and innovative connectivity