Hidizs Seeds Earphones High Resolution Dynamic IEMs

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- 0.2mm Graphene Moving Coil Unit
- CNC Machining Metal Earphone
- New Diaphragm Material Defies Acoustic Limits
- Quad-Core OFC Balanced Cables
- Ergonomic Aerodynamics Design

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PLUG TYPE: 3.5mm
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High Resolution Dynamic IEMs

2.5mm/3.5mm Dynamic IEMs With Aluminium Alloy Body, Let Your Seeds Of Music Fever Grow.


Dual Voice Coils + Dual Voice Chambers

Dual voice coils increase field strength and isometry to planar-class levels while the dual voice chambers and vents shape musical response and remove undesired resonances.


New Diaphragm Material Defies Acoustic Limits

Graphene diaphragms create large drivers that extend from subsonic to supersonic with ideal pistonic motion.


Quad-Core OFC Balanced Cables

Directly welded from high-quality gold-plated plug to drivers for ideal electroacoustic transmission.