Hidizs AP80 Leather Case Fit Portable Hi-Res Music Player

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Hidizs AP80 Leather Case Fit Portable Hi-Res Music Player
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Safe Protection

Protect and freely transport the Hidizs AP80 with the AP80 leather case. Highly crafted with premium full-grain leather, safeguard your Hidizs AP80 anywhere you go.


Added Mobility

The full-grain leather case and premium elastic armband enable you to experience the Hi-Res music the AP80 offers hands-free.


A Secure Fit

The case's interior is padded with felt lining for a proper, protective fit. The lining secures the Hidizs AP80 in place and provides a cushion for any outside impact.


Accessible Design

With the leather cases slide-in design, slip the Hidizs AP80 in or take it out within seconds. Get instant access to your AP80 hassle-free.