Hidizs AP80 Pro-X

Hidizs AP80 Pro-X

I’m quite familiar with the Hidizs line of AP80 mini-DAPs and have reviewed and compared many of their variants (per chassis material) in the past.  Introduction of AP80 Pro, which I also reviewed 2yrs ago, was a noticeable step forward with the addition of balanced output and even a dedicated FPGA for a higher rate of DSD decoding.  The crazy thing was they keep a similar palm-size footprint while adding more functionality to the Pro model.  Then, early this year when the AP80 Pro-X model was announced, I thought to myself it was probably going to be a minor cosmetic refresh.  After all, it looked similar, still had 3.5mm SE and 2.5mm BAL outputs, output spec didn’t change, and the main difference was going from dual ES9218P to dual ES9219C.  Minor changes, right?  Nope, I was wrong.

Unboxing and Accessories.

Similar to the original AP80 and AP80 Pro, Pro-X arrived in a small cardboard black box with a typical foam cutout tray to keep this DAP secure inside during the shipment.  This was a straightforward basic small packaging for a small device.  The top of the box has a product name with a glossy picture of Pro-X and all the certification stamps, while the back of the box has a detailed (and a very small print) spec in 4 different languages, including English.


Inside you will find a selection of accessories which include a Type-C USB charging/data cable, USB-c to USB-c OTG cable to use Pro-X as a USB DAC/amp, a user manual, and a set of screen protectors with one already applied.  The short USB-c OTC cable is uni-directional, the plug with the “Hidizs” logo has to be connected to a source.

I was a bit puzzled why Hidizs no longer includes a silicone protective case for AP80 Pro-X.  I was able to use Pro-X with an AP80 Pro silicone case, so there is no need to design a new one.  I know, the silicone case hides the beauty of this DAP, but I think it would have been a great idea to include one, especially when handling Pro-X outdoors to enhance the grip.

portable music player

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