AP80 Review - Headfonics (2)

AP80 Review - Headfonics (2)

The Hidizs AP80 Cu is a special edition of the company’s entry-level AP80 digital audio player featuring a copper housing and revised sound performance. It is currently priced at $249.

Disclaimer: The Hidizs AP80 Cu sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank the team at Hidizs for giving us this opportunity.

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A while ago, I received a small upgrade to the original Hidizs AP80 (AI/Aluminum) portable source player, but now in the form of a Copper exterior. It is nice to see upgrades offered after the fact and new models with different exterior options available.

I enjoyed the Aluminum AP80 in my prior 2018 review and have heard tales around the campfire that the CU Copper edition sounds a little different. But, did that hold true to the mythos?


My unit did not come with any accessories, just the standard AP80 box, and a USB charging cable. The retail version comes with a silicone protective case though and some paperwork. Again, mine arrived some time ago, perhaps before the full package was decided upon.


Well, the original AP80 Aluminum was tank-like, to begin with. The CU version is even better, heftier and most solid in the hand. If I had to rate it on a scale of 1-10, the build quality would win the day on small portable sources that I’ve ever played with.

It absolutely oozes some of the best builds feel in my hand and in my pocket that I’ve ever used, especially so in this price tier. I can’t see them doing a better job unless it was fully titanium or something absurd and needless.

The volume knob is immensely solid and gives a small click when pressed, which either turns the DAP on or off, of course. The side panel physical buttons are also hefty feeling and have no sway or jiggle to them.

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