New Upgrade Between S9 Pro Plus Martha and S9 Pro

New Upgrade Between S9 Pro Plus Martha and S9 Pro

Hidizs' best-selling portable DAC headphone amplifier S9 ushered in its latest model of the third generation. The new model is called S9 Pro Plus, and Hidizs gave it the nickname Martha. We're happy to see that many enthusiasts are already calling it Martha.

The most significant upgrade of the new S9 Pro Plus comes from the ES9038Q2M flagship DAC chip. Compared with the previous generation S9 Pro, ES9038Q2M not only has higher performance parameters, but also supports direct button switching of filter effects. There are seven filter effects in total: Anodizing fast roll-off, Linear phase fast roll-off, Linear phase slow roll-off, Minimum phase fast roll-off, Minimum phase slow roll-off, Hybrid fast roll-off and Brick wall. Switching and adjusting according to different quality headphones or sound sources can maximize the best effect of music.

In addition, S9 Pro Plus supports BAL 4.4mm+SE 3.5mm dual output ports, which is more suitable for mainstream headphone plugs. Under 32 ohm load conditions, the maximum output power reaches 180mW+180mW (BAL) and 130mW+130mW (SE). The distortion is as low as 0.0008% (BAL) and 0.0019% (SE), which has better performance than the previous generation S9 Pro.

S9 Pro Plus has a new appearance design. The one-piece aviation aluminum alloy shell processed by CNC has the design style of the Hidizs family. The further optimized length-width-height ratio makes the product visual effect and grip better. Based on the black and silver colors of S9 Pro, a new blue model has been added, which is also anodized and has a delicate texture, light and strong, making it the best partner for mobile audio playback devices.

Finally, Martha is the name of the last passenger pigeon on earth, and Hidizs named the S9 Pro Plus after her. It aims to remind people that the world we live in is a world of diversity, and we love nature and life. I hope that through this special naming method, more people will remember these beautiful elves. If you first learned about passenger pigeons through Hidizs, that’s really what we’re doing here.

Curious to explore more about the differences between S9 Pro Plus Martha and series Hidizs Dongle DACs ? Delve into the details comparison below!


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