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HIDIZS DH80S Review -  thephonograph

HIDIZS DH80S Review - thephonograph

The HIDIZS DH80S has an elegant design that stands out due to its polished look that combines a classy feel with a modern touch. The DAC follows the same aesthetics seen on the AP80 Pro-X, with an ...

What are the difference between IEM, Earbuds, and TWS?

What are the difference between IEM, Earbuds, and TWS?

Do you know the difference between earbuds, IEMs and TWS?  Hope you can realize your real needs after reading this answer.

This Day In Music History

This Day In Music History

Frank Sinatra charted at No.1 on the US album chart with 'Strangers In The Night'. This album would undoubtedly be the pinnacle of success in his storied career, eventually going on to be certified...


AP200 Firmware 1.0 is out now!

We have been worked hard in optimizing AP200 for this firmware 1.0. This update is aimed at fixing all bugs found so far.


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LDAC Wireless Listening Technology

LDAC Wireless Listening Technology

LDAC is a new audio technology that allows you to enjoy Hi-Res wireless audio via Bluetooth. Unlike others in the past, LDAC can transmit 3x the data to enhance wireless listening for all audiophi...

AP200 Silver

High-resolution audio: everything you need to know

High-resolution audio is arguably the ultimate sonic selection for digital music fans, but what is it, how can you get it, and what do you need to play it? What is high-resolution audio? The Digita...

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