The Best Experience with Apple Music: S3 PRO Portable AMP



May 25, 2022



When the mobile phone is powerful enough to leave the machine, people can not travel without it. It is inseparable from both work and leisure. Listening to music has become an action we often do, after work, listening to songs and relaxing nerves.

In particular, after Apple brought lossless tracks to Apple Music for free, Apple Music became the most popular music lossless streaming media at present. It's easier to get high-quality audio in your free time.

For the mobile phone itself, lossless files, the DAC of the mobile phone can not achieve high-frequency transmission, it is necessary to rely on portable decoding ear amplifiers to transmit.

Portable DACs come in all shapes and sizes, but HIDIZS' S3 PRO, a compact portable DAC, can be achieved with good sound quality and affordable price, making it a popular option. (Note that iPhone users need to configure the L-C adapter).

Apple Music or other lossless streaming has different levels of audio tracks, most of which are Hi-Res , which requires a high-quality DAC to match. Hi-Res, first proposed by Sony, was later jointly proposed by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), recording engineers and major record companies to unify the Hi-Res audio definition standard, that is, to support at least 24 bit / 96 kHz PCM high-resolution lossless audio, in the recording strive to maximize the restoration of the source sound, its sound quality performance is higher than the CD audio source. It has now become a must-have certification mark for high-end audio equipment.

S3 PRO is Hi-Res certified, with a built-in ESS9281C PRO decoder chip, powerful sound processing capabilities, wide dynamic range, and support for MQA X8 unfolding. PCM up to 32Bit/384kHz, native hard solution DSD128. Real reproduction. S3 PRO with professional music software can be fully open MQA X16, such as: Hiby Music, TIDAL, etc., the potential is fully released.

By the indicator light, the sampling rate can be judged, red: 44.1k-48k, blue: 88.2k-384k pink: MQA.
On the rounded body, the surface laser effect texture shines with different lights, like the elves dancing on the stage, shining and dazzling.

The Sound of the S3 PRO is clean, clear and delicate. Exquisite and rich in connotation, it is the best choice for Apple Music.