Why Titanium? - MP145 Limited Edition Shell Material Revealed

Why Titanium? - MP145 Limited Edition Shell Material Revealed

Hidizs MP145 HiFi IEMs are currently crowdfunding on KICKSTARTER and have already raised over $120,000 in project funding. Among the many rewards set by Hidizs, one is a titanium limited edition that is limited to only 199 pieces worldwide. After the project was released, we received a lot of inquiries from audio enthusiasts about why titanium was used and what was so special about it.

As we all know, there are many kinds of metals in nature, and their properties are also very different. From bronze in ancient times to various modern alloys, human exploration in materials science has never stopped. Titanium metal and titanium alloys are one of the most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements.

Titanium, atomic number 22, is a silver-white transition metal with high strength, low density, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, strong acid resistance, and strong alkali resistance. It is often used to make rockets and spacecraft, so it is known as "space metal". Titanium Grade 5 used in MP145 is a pure alpha-beta titanium with aluminum as alpha stabilizer and sodium as beta stabilizer. It is the highest quality and most commonly used variety in the titanium industry. Titanium Grade 5 is a material with higher tensile strength than pure titanium. It is usually used in extreme scenarios where strength, formability and weight are balanced (it must have formability for easy processing, high strength and durability, and light enough). For example, the Mars rover uses this titanium alloy. At the same time, titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of metals. It is lighter than any other metal at approximately the same hardness. The multi-level milling process used on the surface of MP145 further reduces the weight of the metal and makes it lighter.

The texture of titanium metal is unique, especially after careful polishing and brushing, it presents a delicate and addictive texture. The MP145 Titanium Limited Edition is colored using the PVD vacuum coating process. In order to reflect the preciousness of the limited edition, we chose rose gold with a great visual effect, and the nano-scale color coating also plays a further protective role.

It is also equipped with two silver-plated OCC cables with 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs, and the color matching is more luxurious. The package comes with a Hidizs 10th anniversary commemorative badge and a collectible postcard co-branded by Hidizs and WDC, making it the best choice for audio enthusiasts to collect.

Click the link to purchase the MP145 Titanium Limited Edition:

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