HIDIZS AP80 PRO-X HD Music Player Review



April 02, 2022

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Do you have high-end headphones or earbuds? Do you have 2.5 balanced headphones and 3.5 single-ended headphones? Are you still looking for players with different headphone ports? Hidizs AP80 PRO-X, a portable music player, is what you are looking for. 

This portable player supports high-resolution formats and can adapt to various types of headphones and balanced headphones. 
And it only costs 189 dollars. 


HIDIZS is well-known as a HIFI brand and long-time developer, as well as manufacturer, of professional audio products. Its AP200 is globally loved. And the subsequent lightweight AP80 model has been similarly well-received.

The AP80 PRO-X contains two high-performance ES9219C DAC chips with powerful decoding ability, SNR as high as +130dB, 121dB DNR, -114dB THD+N, 32 Bit 384kHz PCM, plus excellent dynamic range, and ultra-low distortion, which always ensures restoration to high-fidelity sound quality.




The popular MQA format is supported by a limited number of audio player models, but the AP80 PRO-X supports MQA 8X unfolding through hardware decoding. MQA both guarantees the reproduction of original sound and reduces file size. At the same time, it prevents the loss of sound quality caused by "analog-to-digital conversion" and eliminates distortion. MQA makes the sound infinitely closer to the original studio quality, reproduces the sound quality of the master recording, and provides an unparalleled listening experience. 

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MQA is short for Master Quality Authenticated. MQA is an audio coding technology, which can package the audio stream with a very high sampling rate in a small enough file to make it suitable for streaming or download. For instance, if the CD-rated 44.1kHz/16bit version of a particular track is about 20 MB, the size of the 96kHz/24bit version will be about 70 MB, the 192kHz/24bit version will be about 150 MB, and the 352.8kHz/24bit version will be nearly 330 MB! In contrast, the MQA version will only be about 40 MB, which is larger than the CD version and smaller than all the other  Hi-Res versions. However, the amount of information contained in the file after the MQA file is fully unfolded is the same as that of the 352.8kHz/24bit version. That is to say, MQA coding technology can compress the file volume to close to the size of CD files while keeping the information content of 352.8kHz/24bit tracks unchanged, which makes it possible to stream higher quality audio files. Therefore, MQA is currently the most suitable coding format for streaming. 


High-performance FPGA chip HBC3000


High-performance FPGA chip HBC3000, which supports hardware decoding for DSD64/128/256 audio sources, can accurately clock digital audio, reduce shake and make audio playback smoother and more accurate. It’s actually shocking that this tiny thing contains such rich content and accurate information. 

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The AP80 PRO-X is tiny, perfect for use with one hand, and is barely noticeable in your pocket. The integrated aluminum alloy shell is very smooth to the touch. The roundness of the corners and the toughness of the lines make it look refined and rugged at the same time. And you don't have to worry about any discomfort while carrying it in your pockets because of how smooth and lightweight it is! 

There’s a nice little hexagonal volume knob on the AP80 PRO-X, which also allows you to switch it on and off. You don't have to worry about accidentally changing the volume when you’re holding it, as the knob is embedded with great precision. The hexagonal design of the knob is inspired by the vision of Captain America holding his shield. The AP80 PRO-X works just as well in your left hand because of how light it is. 

The smooth touch screen will never get stuck, the picture quality is clear, and the loading animation is not too shabby either.

It supports high-quality lossless transmission protocols such as Bluetooth AAC, SBC, HibiUAT, Sony LDAC, and CSR APT-X, which can be used as a Bluetooth audio source or a professional Bluetooth decoding amplifier. The AP80 PRO-X is multi-purpose and a super exciting trip into the world of HiFi music.

* HiBy UAT Super Audio Transmission supports the 192kHz audio format, the highest quality in the Bluetooth industry. 

* SONY LDAC supports up to 96kHz 

Listen to "Debussy Foer" by Ravel in Guarneri String Quartet (24-bit/48kHz FLAC). The notes dance on the sound field, and the timbre is balanced and stable, smooth as can be. 

And the opening piano of the MQA version of Lush Life is enchanting, leisurely, and full of passion. The timbre of the instrument and the overall weight of the music is just right. When the voice rings, you’ll be compelled to close your eyes and let go of your work. 

The sound of AP80 PRO-X is fascinating. 

The 13-hour battery life is also outstanding. 

This is a music player with a natural and exquisite sound profile. The pricetag of 189 dollars is higher than the previous year’s model, but it’s worth buying a compatible player for your 2.5/3.5 headphones. Even your Bluetooth headset will get more playtime. 

The AP80 PRO-X is a beautiful piece of machinery that’s equally pragmatic.