Hidizs AP80 PRO-X Portable Music Player



June 07, 2023

HIDIZS AP80 PRO-X is a portable music player that stands out with its compact size and exceptional audio performance. It features two high-performance ESS9219C DAC chips and an HBC3000 FPGA chip, along with support for MQA audio technology, to deliver superb sound quality and audio performance. It offers multiple output options, including both single-ended and balanced outputs, to cater to different audio device needs. The AP80 PRO-X boasts an exquisite design that combines geometric aesthetics with high-quality materials, showcasing a perfect blend of style and functionality. Whether it's in terms of sound quality or appearance, the AP80 PRO-X is a remarkable product.


Industry’s Highest-performance DAC Chip

The AP80 PRO-X is equipped with dual ESS9219C DAC chips, renowned for their unparalleled dynamic range and incredibly low distortion. With a remarkable +130dB SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio), +121dB DNR (Dynamic Range), and -114dB THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise), this DAC chip sets new standards in audio performance. Supporting 32-bit 384kHz PCM (Pulse Code Modulation), the AP80 PRO-X delivers high-resolution audio with exceptional clarity and detail. It also offers up to 2.0Vrms output with analog gain control, effectively reducing output noise during real-life listening sessions. With these cutting-edge features, the AP80 PRO-X ensures an unbeatable sound quality experience.


MQA 8X Audio Technology

The Hidizs AP80 PRO-X portable music player incorporates MQA audio technology, an acclaimed British innovation renowned for reproducing the authentic sound of the original master recordings. MQA files are meticulously authenticated and compressed to a size suitable for streaming or downloading. With its advanced capabilities, the AP80 PRO-X performs the final unfold (8X) of MQA files, ensuring an exceptional audio experience that faithfully captures the essence of the original recording.


Outstanding FPGA Chip for Better Audio Performance

The AP80 PRO-X is equipped with a powerful FPGA chip, the HBC3000, which significantly enhances its audio performance. This enables native support for DSD64/128/256, allowing for precise and accurate reproduction of digital music. The FPGA chip also plays a crucial role in maintaining a stable master clock and effectively controlling clock jitter, resulting in impeccable decoding, data processing, and audio output. Every detail of the music is meticulously handled to ensure an exceptional listening experience.


What makes the flagship AP80 PRO-X stand above all others?

The flagship AP80 PRO-X sets itself apart from the competition with its exceptional features. Despite its compact size, similar to a credit card, it offers both unbalanced and balanced outputs. This pocket-sized music player (DAP) includes both a single-ended 3.5mm jack and a balanced 2.5mm jack, providing versatility in connecting various audio devices. Its body measurements are 61.2x54.5x13.8mm. The weight is only 72g. It is very portable and easy to take out. Its portability combined with remarkable audio performance makes it an indispensable companion for music enthusiasts.


X-Shaped Design Showing its Geometric aesthetics

The AP80 PRO-X showcases its geometric aesthetics through an X-shaped design, featuring an angular diamond surface and the intricate geometry of a six-sided ice crystal. Crafted from a single piece of aluminum using 5-Axis CNC technology, its right side is adorned with these visually appealing elements, complemented by the presence of a Japanese ALPS volume wheel. Together, these components create an authentic visual delight, captivating viewers from every angle.


Various Lossless Transmission Protocols Support

AP80 PRO-X offers extensive support for lossless transmission protocols. It is equipped with Bidirectional Bluetooth 4.2, HiBy UAT, Sony LDAC, and CSR APT-X, providing versatile connectivity options. With its capabilities, the device can serve as both a Bluetooth audio source and a professional Bluetooth DAC AMP. Notably, HiBy UAT stands out as a leading Bluetooth audio codec, supporting an impressive sample rate of 192kHz. Additionally, Sony LDAC supports transmission of up to 96kHz audio.


Get Make it the Most Practical Audio Device in your Daily life

Make Hidizs AP80 PRO-X an essential part of your daily life with its practicality and versatility. This compact device not only functions as a digital audio player (DAP) with enhanced audio output quality when connected to a DAC AMP, but it also serves as a powerful external DAC AMP to significantly enhance the original audio quality when connected to your phone or PC. With broad system compatibility, including MAC OS×10.7, iPad OS, Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10, and newer systems, it seamlessly integrates into your audio setup for an elevated listening experience.


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Powerful Step Counter & E-Book Function

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Hi-Res Audio & Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certified

Hi-Res Audio(HRA), is a standard for high-quality audio products formulated by JAS and CEA,  currently recognized and supported by premium devices, as well as audio connoisseurs far and wide. Hi-Res Audio Wireless(HRAW), is a subset of the Hi-Res Audio (HRA) for wireless audio products that support certified Bluetooth codecs. HRAW requires certified devices to be able to handle digital resolutions above 24-bit/96kHz.