July 14, 2021

What’s the Verdict?


“Excellent size/sound/power/price ratio.”


“This tiny, cute dongle is quite an eye candy. However, what’s more important is what’s inside. Consistent with Hidizs adept tuning competencies, the S3 Pro does share the same refinement as exhibited from the bigger siblings of Hidizs S9 and S9 Pro – both of which rate very high in my book.”


HIDIZS is known for continuously innovating and constantly bringing out new products. And this summer is going to be no different! 


The S9 Pro was a SUPER powerful and upgrade to the S8/S9 type-C ultra portable DAC/amp (which also sat at the top of various customer polls in the hifi/audiophile community and ranks as one of the most well-balanced/feature-packed options out there). 


The S3 Pro is now punching several levels above the S9 Pro as it is significantly smaller and will fit readily into any pocket, in addition to offering 8x MQA support (which was still in development when the S8/S9/S9Pro dongles were launched).


S3 Pro specs:


DSD: up to 128

PCM: up to 32bit/384kHz

MQA: up to 8X unfold (Tidal Masters, HiBy Music, etc)

Interface: Type-C, USB A converter

LED: sampling rate indication

Output type: 3.5mm SE, supports in-line remote and mic


Output specs:

Power: 55mW @ 32Ohms

FR: 20Hz – 40kHz

SNR: 117dB

CH Separation: 70dB

THD+N: 0.0008%

Size: diameter 20mm, thickness 10mm

Weight: 6g

Hi-Res audio certified


In case you don’t remember, the S9 produced 90mW @ SE / 120mW @ BL outputs (for 32Ohms load) while the S9 Pro upped the ante to 100mW @ SE and 200mW @ BL.




“The S3 Pro has a remarkable body in the low range, a noticeable sense of punch that brings power to the sound and a more than good resolution. The level of definition is also evident, resulting in a powerful area, with a good sense of clarity, cleanliness and depth.”


“The representation of the mid-range persists in the idea of tonal balance. In this sense, the timbre comes across as realistic, natural and not at all forced.”


“The sound of the S3 Pro is serious and convincing, even tenacious. From its power, it is able to handle all kinds of IEMS in an exemplary manner, also thanks to its low output impedance.”


Design & Materials:

The S3 Pro is made entirely from aluminum for a solid and sturdy feel. It’s approximately 21mm in diameter and 9.7mm in thickness. It weighs 6 grams and is about the size of a penny/cent. 


“Gun Metal” is the most popular colorway so far, but there are tons of other colorways to choose from. 


Circular indentations carefully crafted to form an outwardly radiating pattern cradles the sampling rate LED indicator at the center of the device.


Oh, and the twisted cable is thick enough to last a very long time; it is also tangle-proof! Both the cable and the connector are super lightweight.




The S3 Pro DAC uses a type-C interface to connect to smartphones or PCs; USB-A adapters can be used to connect to PCs not equipped with Type-C USB ports. 


Android phones will need applications that can implement USB OTG and to stream audio through the S3 Pro. We recommend using the HiBy Music app or UAPP. 


Of course, streaming services like Tidal with MQA support can use S3Pro as an unfolding processor. 


Find out more about Hidizs S3 Pro at the Hidizs Official Store!