Ultra-portable MP3 player HIDIZS AP80 PRO-X



March 10, 2022

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In the 80s, people listened to music on cassette tapes. In the 90s, we used CDs. Then MP3 players came out and made everything easier. Increasingly, music can be consumed in different ways, and we demand increasingly higher quality as well. Audio players come in all shapes and sizes, but nobody wants to carry around an extra device when cell phones can also play music. Given the pace of modern life, MP3 players are nearly extinct. 


Smartphones have replaced MP3 players for the most part, but their sound quality leaves something to be desired, and many phones don’t work as well with music playing in the background. Would you spend $189 on a hardly noticeable MP3 with incomparable sound quality, that allows for simultaneous reading? Imagine yourself at the gym, running outside, sitting in a library or a coffee shop, with access to high-definition music that eliminates fatigue instantly, cozy right? It also has a touch screen and is PC/Mac compatible.


This ultra-portable music player is HIDIZS AP80 Pro-X. It supports high-quality lossless formats such as Bluetooth AAC, SBC, HiBy UAT, Sony LDAC, and CSR APT-X. It can also be used as a Bluetooth audio source or professional Bluetooth decoding amplifier (HiBy UAT super audio transmission supports 192kHz audio - the highest in Bluetooth quality; SONY LDAC supports 96kHz). USB DAC bidirectional transmission is also supported, simply connect a decoding amp with the DAC input function to use as a digital audio player, or connect to a phone or computer to use as a powerful external sound card. The original audio will be decoded and restored by AP80 Pro-X, and the sound quality will be greatly improved (supporting systems: Mac OS X 10.7, iPad OS, Windows XP, Windows 7/8/10, or newer operating systems). In addition, the AP80 Pro-X uses 800mAh 3.7v li-polymer, which can support up to 40 days of deep standby and 11 hours of continuous playback (BAL: 6-8 hours/PO: 8-11 hours of battery life).  


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If you have issues with listening to music on your phone, because it’s unable to reproduce audio quality at the desired level, then AP80 Pro-X is for you. Dual ES9219DAC chips, PCM support up to 32bit/384kHz, and original hardware decoding DSD/ can support up to 256. It's comparable to watching live concerts, particularly with support for hardware decoding MQA 8X expansion. MQA ensures "original sound reproduction", free up storage, and eliminates the loss of sound quality caused by "analog-to-digital conversion", as well as distortion. MQA is nearly indistinguishable from studio quality and reproduces master sound quality. 


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In addition to being convenient and lightweight, the AP80 Pro-X can be used without worrying about battery life. The 800mAh 3.7v li-polymer battery guarantees 40 days of standby time and 11 hours of continuous playback. You won’t be able to put it down. Only $189 to enjoy music in its original quality, anywhere you want.