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H1 Review - ZMarketChangers


TRW or wired? If bluetooth — what is the most convenient formfactor to go with…? I’ve been asking myself the same questions for past few weeks trying to find the best possible solution of having all time access to music, phone calls and videos despite of current activity or working place. Wired are still the best IEMs in terms of audio quality but staying connected all the time with a cable significantly reduces my mobility. What is more important — cable always stays connected to one particular source. I wouldn’t mind if a smartphone was the only working tool. But it is not. There is at least a laptop that also requires a connection. As to the formfactor — current TRW beans (as I name all that numerous, expensive and faceless products that have saturated the market) just do not seem to be comfortable enough, especially with no supports and when it comes to removing one of the beans which should than be placed into its cradle, which should be kept in a pocket, etc… Audio quality in such beans is also far from being astonishing.

Knowing all of that, I’ve been looking for another option that seems to be much more convenient and universal in terms of sound and fit: good, custom-like shaped IEMs with regular type of connectors and detachable bluetooth cable that would have all necessary controls, mic and aptX, at least. At the time when I was wondering which product to go with — Hidizs was watching after me The search was over when they have provided me with the new product for the review — Hidizs H1 — neckband bluetooth IEMs.

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