Hidizs H2 Review

Hidizs H2 Review

Like other audio brands, Hidizs Technology Company Limited from China has been manufacturing affordable and high-quality audio gears for music lovers for a couple of years. Their previous products like Sonata Dongle DAC, DH1000 DAC & AP80 DAP are the most famous ones. I have used both the Sonata HD and DH1000 DAC before and they were super awesome for their price. Recently Hidizs has also launched some exotic products like AP80 Pro DAP, S8 portable DAC, DH80S MQA DAC, and MS4 earphones. Another product that has drawn my attention i.e., Hidiz’s new H2 Lossless Bluetooth AMP/Receiver. I have tried such kind of lossless Bluetooth receivers from different brands so wanted to see how Hidizs have implemented it in their H2. Luckily Upon request HiFiGo has sent me one unit of H2 for testing. So a big thanks to HiFiGo and let’s evaluates Hidizs H2 now.

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Hidizs H2 Review

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