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HIDIZS MP145 Review - kopfbox

HIDIZS MP145 Review - kopfbox

Beginnen möchte ich mit der mitgelieferten Tasche. Es ist kein typisches und hartes Case, sondern tatsächlich ein Täschchen mit Finesse. Warum Finesse? Man hat bei der Öffnung an einen Verschluss a...

IEMSHIDIZS MP145 Review - Hobby Talk

HIDIZS MP145 Review - Hobby Talk

Hidizs MP145 is truly balanced with minimal difference between the left and right channels compared to other flat panel headphones on the market.   BUY NOW: HIDIZS MP145 To view the full video, pl...

IEMSHIDIZS MP145 LGTE Review - baskingshark

HIDIZS MP145 LGTE Review - baskingshark

The Titanium Edition, like the OG MP145, contains a 14.5 mm planar driver, with 7 N52H magnets sandwiching it on the front, and 7 more on the back; these are advertised to decrease distortion and p...

IEMSHIDIZS MP145 LGTE Review - cqtek

HIDIZS MP145 LGTE Review - cqtek

For this review I have used the Silver filter to achieve the best possible detail. For clarification I will write GT to refer to the Golden Titanium version. As I mentioned, the MP145 GTs with the...


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IEMSHIDIZS MP145 Review - Supanont Jamornsuriya

HIDIZS MP145 Review - Supanont Jamornsuriya

Low-end provides very good bass textures. Thick and full sub bass and mid bass. Punchiness is fast and strong in mid-bass region. But its slightly lack of rumbling in sub bass region. I can feel vi...



M145 並非使用常見的動圈或動鐵單元,它用上 Planar Magnet 平板單元, 廠方更稱之為「天眼」,震膜的口徑達到 14.5mm,對於聲音上的低頻、動態等表現都有很大的幫助 試聽環節以 Shanling 的 M3 Ultra DAP 及 Hidizs XO 迷你解碼耳擴進行。M145 其實不難推,以 M3 Ultra 的 High Gain 推動,會有點破音,其實使用 Low G...

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