Hidizs MS1-Galaxy Review - GojiFi

Hidizs MS1-Galaxy Review - GojiFi

The trade-off for lighter feeling IEMs is that they provide more superior comfort, especially when it is worn for longer hours. The same case can be said for the MS1 Galaxy, as this one is COMFORTABLE. Once you pick out the right tips for your size, this one can sit in your ears for hours upon hours on end without you feeling it.

 As told in the overall tonality, the MS1 Galaxy is a bass cannon. This is the glowing trait that will get most people hooked unto its sound, me included. It has a very huge bass presentation, focusing more on the sub-bass frequencies that bring in the oomph in every bass hit and note.

Due to its mostly empty body in terms of actual physical structure, this IEM naturally transmits a very open stage for frequencies to play around. The fat bass presentation generally doesn't choke up the huge innate soundstage, which is growing quite rare in this type of tonality. I had flashbacks on how the Opera Factory OM1 was presented back then, which the MS1 Galaxy shares a lot of notes from.


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