Hidizs MS1-Galaxy Review - littlenezt

Hidizs MS1-Galaxy Review - littlenezt

Ultra Budget IEM-nya Hidizs ! Hidizs MS-1 Galaxy

Made from plastic, it is pretty lightweight and comfortable to wear for long listening session though if I must be honest, it feels rather cheap. It also has a lot of colors to pick, the color choice itself reminds me of a candy.

Overall tonality of the MS1-Galaxy I'd say is pretty mellow and relaxed for long listening session. If you want an IEM that can be used as a background sound this set is probably pretty good at doing that. The MS1-Galaxy is not demanding your attention at all, it just there, pretty relaxing sound.

The Hidizs MS1-Galaxy is recommended for person that want a mellow and relaxing sound signature from an IEM that also can be used as a background sound while doing their activity, it also has some pretty colors if you're into that kind of thing.


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