Hidizs MS1-Galaxy Review - Pragmatic Audio Reviews

Hidizs MS1-Galaxy Review - Pragmatic Audio Reviews

The MS1 one is built like a typical IEM in its price range, very light weight and plastic build. It is comfortable and provides adequate isolation.

The MS1 Galaxy presents with a warm V-shaped signature.

The Bass is highlighted and forward. The Sub-Bass is king here giving a commanding boom to the mix. Mid-Bass is behind with a nice slam but is overshadowed by the SUB. Mids are as expected. Warm and thick bodied, with some recession and smooth details, vocals sound pleasant and are positioned slightly back. The Treble has enough energy to be noticed stringed instruments sound natural.

The Hidizs MS1 is an enjoyable budget IEM, it is targeted towards POP, Hip-Hop and Electronic music. The Bass is too overwhelming for Metal but Classic Rock sounds fine. It's a fun and warm IEM nothing too serious for gaming or critical listening.


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