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HIDIZS MS2 Review - HiFiManiac


The bass has good depth, impact, and extension while remaining tight and controlled. There’s solid sub-bass rumble and an added mid-bass punch. The dynamic driver provides satisfying weight and body. The tonality of the bass is amazing, and the quality is also correct. Good bass texture. Definitely not for bass heads.


The mids are slightly recessed due to the mild V-shaped tuning. Lower mids have a good body, while upper mids show nice clarity without harshness. Overall, transparency is very good, despite not being very forward. MS2's midrange sounds extremely natural. Every single vocal sounded the way it should. But very slightly distant (or recessed).


The treble has good extension and ample energy without getting sharp or sibilant. There's crispness and liveliness to the highs. Details are well defined, and micro-details come through clearly.


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