Hidizs MS3 Review - cqtek

Hidizs MS3 Review - cqtek

The capsule design borrows from its big brother MS5. The outer panel has the black, three-dimensional structure of the fallen angel wings, but this time, without holes. The outer face is opaque and sealed. Its rim is metallic and has that pinkish-gold touch. The outer shape is similar, with a more stylised lower apex African continent profile.

The fact that it is smaller than the MS5 improves the initial ergonomics. They fit very easily and their surface is smooth and skin-friendly. The fit is fast, firm, durable, non-rotating and sits well in the pinna.

Building on the beautiful design of its big brother MS5 and finally providing a balanced cable as a purchase option, the Hidizs MS3 stands as a classic triple-driver adapted to the current demands of its price range. Without a doubt, this is a purchase that will not disappoint, because the quality is clear and explicit. It has a sharper V-profile in the centre, but with an extended, powerful and textured bass. The midrange is well represented and both male and female voices have a great impact on the sound. Finally, the treble is really crisp and extended, with a level of energy that does not surpass the pleasing sound, but asserts its presence.


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