Hidizs MS3 Review - Ustabs Osman(Audio Reviews & News)

Hidizs MS3 Review - Ustabs Osman(Audio Reviews & News)

Hidizs MS3 features high-quality premium-finish ear shells crafted in ergonomic shape for a comfortable wearing experience for most users worldwide. The shell cavity and panel of the MS3 are crafted using high-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. They are carved using a high-precision CNC machining process for a rich finish and premium in-hand feel.

The Hidizs MS3s bass is a perfect balance of power and restraint.The bass notes are rich and full, with a natural decay that adds warmth and depth to the music.

Midrange notes sound organic and smooth, without any harshness or roughness. 

Hidizs MS3’s treble is a nice balance of lightness and detail. It’s light and airy, with good extension that allows it to shine in the higher frequency ranges.

The additional bass fullness enhances the depth of the stage, while the crisp highs contribute to a wider soundstage. The positional cues are accurate and the instrument separation is above average. The level of detail retrieval is exceptional for the price point, providing a reasonable amount of information without any significant loss.

Overall, the Hidizs MS3 is a well-rounded in-ear monitor that is on par with its peers in a technical sense.


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