Hidizs MS3 Review - ywheng89

Hidizs MS3 Review - ywheng89

Hidizs is a brand that most audiophiles are familiar with, they are mostly well known for their source rather than IEMs, but they’re looking to change the perspective and they’re coming up hot with their recent releases. The MS5 which features a 1DD+4 Sonion BAs and the little brother which I have with me today, the MS3 which features 1DD+2 Knowles BA.

Build quality is solid, which retains most of the bigger brother’s design with the exception of a different faceplate. The packaging is very premium looking as well, along with the bundled accessories, this time around, instead of a hard storage case, a faux leather like storage pouch is provided instead

MS3 has a slight cool tonality and energetic treble, bass is quite punchy and sub bass rumbles when the track calls for it, timbre sounds natural most of the time.

All in all, having tested several IEMs from Hidizs, it's clear to me that they definitely take the feedback seriously, it can be seen from MS3, which I believe the engineers did take some of the feedback from MS5 and work their magic on MS3. The tuning filter works and the differences are perceivable, not a gimmick at all. Out of the box, it is a technical beast and it does sound better against the competition which shares similar driver configuration and is priced higher. I think this time they got it right and i definitely look forward to see more new offerings from Hidizs in the near future.


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