Hidizs MS3 (Love’s take)

Hidizs MS3 (Love’s take)


Today I am presenting to you my full written review of the Hidizs MS3. The MS3 is Hidizs brand new hybrid (1DD/2BA) iem which launches under the $200 price point at around $169. I have only had good experiences with Hidizs products. I was recently part of the infamous “Public Review” of the Hidizs MS5 “Dark Angel” which just so happens to be Hidizs flagship iem and one that I was pretty smitten with (MS5 Review HERE) myself. The MS5 has a unique tuning which didn’t follow the cookie cutter approach that most earphones seem to be created with. Despite my affinity for the MS5, it certainly wasn’t a love affair across the board. Something which should be expected from a more particular tuning and also when you consider the price it is set at.

I’ve also reviewed one of Hidizs’ budget sets, the Hidizs MM2, which I was also quite happy with (MM2 Review HERE) as it is another very unique design that is wholly dynamic and fun. The MM2 also has a prototypical type of tuning filter system which works wonderfully. I actually consider the MM2 one of the better iems under $75. Hidizs has a penchant for an “out of the ordinary” approach, and by all accounts this is a company that doesn’t launch a product until it is actually complete and ready to be shoved into the audioverse. Hidizs takes some risks, they take some chances. I can respect this, and I love that nothing seems to be designed in the “assembly line” mindset that most iem makers seem to cling to. Hidizs obviously tries to be “set-apart” and distinct in their approach at creating audio products.

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