Hidizs MS3 Review - GAVIN

Hidizs MS3 Review -  GAVIN

My first listening session with them had that initial wow factor and I was certain they were a success in both their engineering and sound. What I’d say about them though is that their tuning is catered to a niche of listeners and won’t mimic the safe tuning all-rounder sets tend to go with. 

The sound is pretty colored as well, which is subjectively good or bad depending on the listener.

The Hidizs MS3 comes with tuning filters and, oh boy, these aren’t a gimmick so I’m quite happy about it. This IEM promises sound tweaking with its pneumatic tuning filters that shape the sound to fit your listening preferences. 

For the price, the Hidizs MS3 does amazing on the technical side of things. 

I find that it does excellently on every front. The layering is clean and fleshed out, while the sound separation is tidy and distinct. The staging sounds open and sufficiently spacious in width, depth, and height, plus the transient response and dynamics are just phenomenal. 

The resolution and resolving ability are also a standout, especially for the price. The technical section is what makes the Hidizs MS3 a pretty killer set and I must say, it knocks it out of the park, no sweat. 


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