Hidizs MS5 - Lean and mean machine for orchestral and soundtracks

Hidizs MS5 - Lean and mean machine for orchestral and soundtracks
Hidizs MS5 - Lean and mean machine for orchestral and soundtracks
Today, we look at the upcoming flagship of the Hidizs IEM line, the MS5. Sporting a 1+4 configuration, does MS5 has what it takes to enter the ultra-competitive “mid-fi” bracket. Let’s talk about IEM.


How it sounds​

Sources for listening tests:

Fiio K7 (for all A/B tests)

Shanling M6 Ultra

Hidizs S9 Pro

Local FLAC files ripped from CDs or bought from Qobuz were used for most casual listening and A/B tests. My playlist for A/B tests can be found on Apple Music here.

All listening was done with the Treble nozzle and Spin Fit W1 ear tips. I listen at a medium-low level. Volume is adjusted so that the focal vocals and instruments are clear unless overwhelming bass or treble peaks prevent me from doing so.

Tonality and Timbre: 3/5 - Average​

Frequency response of MS5. Measurements were done with an IEC-711-compliant coupler and might only be compared with other measurements from this same coupler. Visit my graph database for more comparisons.


Percussion Rendering: 5/5 - Excellent​

MS5 has a satisfying bass response. The amount of bass is high, and the quality of the bass does not disappoint.

Stereo Imaging (Soundstage): 4.5/5 - Very Good​


MS5 represents yet another interesting interpretation of a good IEM from Hidizs. Its tuning takes a page from some kilo-buck TOTL IEMs with a neutral-warm midrange, strong bass, and strong treble presence. The resolution is good, whilst the soundstage imaging and bass response are excellent. Suppose your library consists primarily of orchestral music and soundtracks that benefit from space and bass. In that case, the Hidizs MS5 receives a high recommendation from this reviewer.


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