Hidizs MS5 reviews-Eric Lab

Hidizs MS5 reviews-Eric Lab

Initial impressions:

While the tuning filter infict slightly on soundsignature, you will get an overall bright to warmish U shape signature with smooth near dark mid range, full sounding and gently impactfull bass and energic highs that are fast and snappy but louder than rest of spectrum.

These are my overall impressions based on Balanced tuning filter, after more than 50H of burn in, using different source like Hiby RS6, Questyle M15 and Moondrop Dawn 4.4.

The bass is for me the best part of the MS5 tonality, the dynamic driver used is very good and offer a well rounded slam with deep resonant rumble that doesn’t bleed alot on mids since it stay in the back, well layered from mids and more fowards treble.

The mid range is lean and dry and thin in timbre. Its well resolve with an emphasis on upper mids presence so we have good amount of details and imaging and sens of center stage openess.

The treble is the most boosted and vivid part of whole audio spectrum and offer a mix of darken and boosted part of texture. These are bright in a dry way with extra presence loudness for high pitch instrument. The highs are very capable technicaly wise to, fast in attack and snappy in control, like all good BA should be.

Technical performance of treble is impressive, especially in speed and timing. With busy track it doesn’t struggle to keep it’s pace with all instrument and doesn’t go muddy or messy.

While the soundstage is a bit intimate, the imaging isn't bad at all, while not end word in precise instrument placement, the sound layering is plentyfull and well articulate in separation. We can easily separate sound layers, yet it’s sometime difficult to pin poin exact positioning of mid range instrument.

The Hidizs MS5 offer a unique musicality that will perhaps appeal both bass and treble lover.

The bright U shape tonal balance offered by MS5 sit between fun and analytical sound signature, it’s generous in details, have impressive resolution and well rounded and impactfull bass.


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