Hidizs MS5 reviews-Heng Yee Wei

Hidizs MS5 reviews-Heng Yee Wei

The tone of the MS5 leans towards a slightly brighter scale, but is neither overly harsh nor hissy. The highs are vibrant and lively, with enough sparkle and air, and the lows have good texture and speed. If you listen carefully, there will be a hint of BA tone. It synergizes well with warm sources in my opinion and sounds good with the XA-10 and iFi's Gryphon.

Bass is full with good body; good punch and slam; tempo is good too; subwoofer rumbles when the track calls for it, but doesn't get anywhere near the bass head area, which is totally fine as it's in tune with the overall complement each other

After testing the MS5 for quite some time, the MS5 is really a versatile IEM that allows you to tune it to your liking via interchangeable nozzles, if you are an adventurous person, the Moondrop KATO The nozzles from the MS5 can also be used with the MS5, as can Simgot's EA500, which opens up even more possibilities for tuning/customization in terms of tuning to suit your preferences. Hidizs have their own "house sound" that some may or may not like as it's very subjective, and that's where the interchangeable nozzles come into play. At the time of writing, the official price is $379, which I think is reasonable due to the drivers used. Admired!

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