The black beauty

The Hidizs MS5 was kindly provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

I didn’t receive monetary or any other kind of compensation and I don’t use affiliate links.
The pre-sale launch price of the MS5 is $379 and you can order it directly from Hidizs .

 Hidizs MS5 technical highlights

The Hidizs MS5 is a 4BA & 1DD hybrid 5 drivers in-ear monitor and the current flagship of the company.
It is powered by the Hidizs new custom 10mm liquid silicone dynamic driver which is manufactured with a sandwich injection molding process. Its body is Kevlar with a thickness of only 0.03mm and surrounded by liquid silicone of 0.45mm. Kevlar has ultra-high elasticity, combined with extremely thin liquid silicone to form a dynamic drive with good elasticity, good transient, high sensitivity and quick response. Moreover, the unique physical characteristics of Kevlar enable the internal losses generated by the dynamic drive to absorb vibration and reduce interference, so that the audio glitch is greatly reduced, and the resulting sound is more natural and soft.




 Compared to the FiiO FH7S ($399)

The Hidizs MS5 and the FiiO FH7S share the same driver configuration and the tuning nozzles system.
The FH7S is a little more generous with the supplied accessories, you are going to find more types of ear-tips and a high quality cable with interchangeable plugs.

In the end

The HIDIZS MS5 is a balanced sounding earphone with plenty of bass presence, natural and realistic mids and a well extended but not bright treble.
You can further fine tune it with the nozzles to make it more dark or bright sounding, something that makes it very adaptable and suitable for listening to most kinds of music.
Furthermore it is lightweight and comfortable to use, it is well made and it comes with plenty of eartips, a luxurious carrying case and a high quality cable.
The MS5 is a black beauty, a successful creation by Hidizs which is pointing towards a very promising future.



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