The perfect traveling case you need to protect all your Hi-fi devices.

Travel case

Hidizs introduces to you the Leather Travel Case. It’s a highly protective case made with fine leather quality. It contains enough room for your Hidizs player, earphones, cable, and amplifier. Guess what else is cool? You also look fashionable at the same time!

Small and easy to carry, it can easily fit anywhere in a purse, pouch, handbag or backpack. Instead of having to carry all your Hi-fi equipment in your pockets (which I assume to be quite heavy.) and have nowhere else to put your phone. This, you do not need to worry about anymore!

You can now freely travel without asking yourself where did you put your Seeds or DH1000, bringing your Hi-Fi equipment to a picnic or on business trips to enjoy, relax with your favorite songs and playlist

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