Hidizs S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - Chris Love

Hidizs S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - Chris Love

I think it’s one of the best-looking dongle-dacs under $100. The body is so dope looking with straight edges, polygonal lines and a very bold design. The Hidizs logo is a nice touch and when it lights up it really “Pops” in contrast to the color of the body. Everything looks reinforced, clean, sleek and contoured with symmetry and style. Fantastic job Hidizs, this device looks awesome!

My favorites are the “Blue” filter for earphones that are a bit more neutral-ish in tonal color and the “Red” filter for a warmer set. Remember it is ridiculously easy to cycle through these. Simply push both buttons and the light will change. Very cool.  

The Hidizs S9 Pro Plus Martha does a fantastic job of keeping a softer timbre yet with added body to notes. Macro-dynamic fullness and intensity is there to add some dynamic expression to the sound though not equaled to more expensive source devices. 


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