Hidizs S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - cqtek

Hidizs S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - cqtek

Starting with the low end, Hidizs S9 Pro Plus Martha awakens with a special control over the more extreme frequencies. The performance is slightly warm, compact, the bass performance is dry, fast and with a quick decay. It leaves no aftertaste and the texture is smooth, without being too rough. The bass is technical, deep, but not too dark, even then it is neutral.

In the mid-range, its neutrality gives it transparency, a slight lightness, as well as a natural and realistic timbre, which does not lean to either side.

The treble follows the product's tone and comes across as neutral and extended, in just the right amount, while maintaining a warmth and musical softness.As a great Hi-Res product, Martha has a remarkable amount of air and hence that sense of clean, transparent sound.


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