HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - Eiji Zerstorer Romero

HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - Eiji Zerstorer Romero

On the sub-bass part, there's a mild presence of rumbling and reverberation enough to be generated from sub-bass-focused instruments like low tone bass guitars, drum machines and synthesizers. Mid-bass has an ample texture and depth to give an enough heft on some note weight on some instruments and male vocals. This dongle will be able to deliver a raspy and resonant sound on bass guitars, a precise, sustaining and thudding bass kick drums and a sufficient deep resonance and intensity on bass-baritone vocals.

The midrange presentation on this device delivers a neutral, transparent, with just enough warmth to give a balanced texture and tidy to give a sufficient lush, rich and natural sound on vocals and instruments.

Both male and female vocals have fairly texture on its note weight as male vocals have an ample density, depth and volume for baritones up to countertenor while female vocals will able to project an articulate and clear voices with its lush, tender and silky sound whether it is a contralto, mezzo-sopranos or soprano.

The treble quality that this device was able to gauge a well-refined treble response as they have an enough brightness on the upper-mids up to presence part to give a well-precise and articulate attack of percussives and rhythm instruments, a well-rendered vocal definition on vocals and crisper and delineated sound. Its airy extension is commendable as it is quite well-extended with a good sparkle on its harmonics.


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