HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - Kiso Audio Reviews

HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - Kiso Audio Reviews


It gives off a sense of tightness and full of energy. The dongle has a strong attack and punch, which makes the sound output powerful and captivating. Notably, it has a strong, deep bass rumble that is clear and powerful while still having a textured sound. The mid-bass does a great job, giving the sound a strong body and structure without any bleeding or muddiness. Overall, the bass is very lively and full of energy without lowering the sound.


The dongle's clarity and transparency enhance the overall audio experience, with vocals particularly standing out for their vivid and expressive qualities. However, in certain tracks, female vocals may seem a bit subdued, depending on the specific track. The vocals exhibit a clear forwardness, and a touch of extra vibrance could further elevate the entire listening experience. Generally, female vocals maintain a true-to-life quality, leaning towards a natural representation.


It boasts a captivating sparkle with intricate details that are prominently revealed on the audio spectrum. The upper treble exudes a commendable vibrancy, striking a balance that enhances its brilliance without overwhelming it. Its extension feels more natural and subtle, providing a satisfying and delightful experience without compromising ear sensitivity.

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