Hidisz S9 PRO Red Copper Limited Edition Balanced And Single-Ended Mini HiFi DAC & Amp – Heavy Metal

Hidisz S9 PRO Red Copper Limited Edition Balanced And Single-Ended Mini HiFi DAC & Amp – Heavy Metal
ProsLinear, clean sound; very powerful amplification; single-ended & balanced circuits.
ConsBalanced circuit only adds power but not headroom; two headphone sockets too close together; very high power consumption (on phone).
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Executive Summary​

The ???$ Hidizs S9 Pro Red Copper Limited Edition is a very powerful, linear, and good sounding portable headphone DAC & amp that features single-ended and balanced circuits. It is technically and sonically identical to the S9 Pro however heavier. The differences are strictly cosmetic.

This note is based on my review of the original Hidzs S9 Pro at www.audioreviews.org

This Copper Edition is limited to 500 units.


Ever since Gordon Rankin introduced the 2016 versions of the AudioQuest DragonFly Black/Red that could be used with a phone because of their intelligent power management, companies have jumped on that bandwagon. Many of them. After all, such devices are flexible in that you can use them with your computer and your phone…and you can migrate them to new devices should you replace the old ones. With no battery of their own, such dongles have an almost infinite life.

Some protagonists already predict the end of the dap as more and more listeners don’t want to have two devices in their pocket. I personally have been a huge dongle fan since 2016, whereas my dap is catching dust in the drawer.

Hidizs have been very active in the portable DAC-amp category lately, and co-blogger Loomis Johnson covered the original Hidizs S9. The S9 PRO/S9 Pro Red Copper Limited Edition is an upgrade in that it offers a different dac chip and two circuits, a balanced and a single-ended one.

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