Hidizs S9 Pro – more power, more drive

Hidizs S9 Pro – more power, more drive

About a week ago Hidizs has announced the launch of a successor to its highly popular balanced S9 USB DAC/amp that is already on pre-order state. We have reviewed the original S9 some time ago and defined it as highly recommended for those who want to upgrade smartphone/tablet/laptop sound and squeeze out much more juice from music quality.


Packaging and design:

Nothing much has changed in terms of packaging. It is still logistic-friendly small matt black box but instead of silver outlines new box has glossy product picture on the facing side. Box is stiff and comes undamaged after a long trip from China to other parts of the world. Internal box structure consists of two compartments where the device is located on top in a special soft insert and all accessories are stored underneath. Contents are:

  • S9Pro DAC/amp
  • transparent plastic holder / clip
  • USB type C -> USB type C cable (65см)
  • USB type C -> USB type C cable (15см)
  • USB type C -> USB A adapter
  • leaflets, cards…


Device in use:

Since S9Pro has type-C to USB A adapter along with type-C cables – we can try it with laptop/PC as well, not only with Android smartphone. In case of a smartphone everything is straight forward: use type-C to type-C cable to connect devices, HiBy Music App to send audio data over USB. S9Pro gets recognized as USB DAC and there are no problems whatsoever. S9 LED color would resemble track quality:

  • Yellow: DSD64/128
  • Purple: DSD256/512
  • Blue: PCM176.4/192KHz
  • Red: PCM 352.8/384KHz
  • White: PCM 705.6/768KHz
  • Green: PCM 44.1/48/88.2/96KHz


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