Hidizs S9 Pro Review - Pietro

Hidizs S9 Pro Review - Pietro

The Hidizs S9 Pro is not a power monster but it is still perfect for most IEMs on the market. It slightly exceeds the Hidizs XO having 100mw on SE and 200mW on balanced.

Hidizs S9 Pro Sound Signature:

Let’s analyze the sound of it! A great ESS9038Q2M chip that was previously tested on the F.Audio KS01 is present on board. This has a natural, balanced, and analytical nature, just like other ESSs I own. Unlike the dacs with Cirrus, which sound more warmer there is no emphasis.

For the price at which it is now also offered in various bundles this Dac is really excellent. At 59 USD should be seriously considered above all those who are indecisive about their first DAC to buy and love to keep the sound as neutral as possible.



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