HIDIZS SD2 Review - baskingshark

HIDIZS SD2 Review - baskingshark

The SD2 is a plug-and-play device; on Windows 10 systems and above, there is no need for any additional installation of drivers. I am not an Apple ecosystem user, but the SD2 was easily recognized on various Android and Windows devices I paired it with.

The SD2 does not have any volume controller - thus, users will need to adjust the volume at the proximal source - and it has no screen.

This dongle does have a LED light, which will switch between red and blue, depending on file bitrate played:

Red Color: PCM 44.1 - 48kHz

Blue Color: PCM 88.2 - 384kHz & DSD

The SD2 is a great match for laptops and PCs, due to the small profile that functions similar to a thumb drive. It doesn't dangle around unlike other elongated dongles which have cables flailing around.

Tonally, the SD2 is on the warmer side with a slightly emphasized mid-bass. This tuning choice bestows a consumer-friendly tuning, bringing head-banging fun to the table. The bass is can be somewhat bloated though - this is apparent with complex bass tracks - and this region isn't too textured, but thankfully, it doesn't overly bleed into the other frequencies. The treble is decently extended, but is not super airy, with a roll-off in the upper treble.

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